Friday 16 December 2011


What is wrong with love?
Is it meant to be this tough?
Why can'nt there be one soul for everyone?
Why does it ruin our hearts condition?
Is it wrong to hurt?
Why are feelings not returned?
Why is our heart stuck in quicksand?
Sinking into nothingness;And
the surface nowhere in sight
Even when we try to pull out with all our might
Why do feelings swing like a pendalum?
Never steady always with that low hum
Why doees our heart fall in the same trap again?
Why is everyone after material gain?
Why doesn't loneliness bring happiness?
Is the world one big trap of darkness?
How thin is the line between good and bad?
When will everyone in the world stop being sad?
Why didn't the heart come with an outer coating?
Why is it everyday the cold we're braving?
Most of all when will these questions end?
It's when we'll stop this pretence,
Bring a smile on our lips
And with this welcome eternal bliss.


Haze surrounds me
As I try and chase the light
All alone in the ship in this dreary sea
Rocked and rolled by gods might
Can'nt tell whats black and whats white
Enclosed by claustrophobic greys so bright

Written my own decline
On the pages the ink has seeped
There's nothing here that's mine
All meaning has slowly leaked
Try and hold onto something solid
But mush overflows from the lid

Gone to far to draw back now
Stuck in this nothingness I've created
To move from here now HE won't allow
The chance back to normalcy HE gave and I missed
Floating aimlessly in this void
All reason and meaning is now devoid

Try and retrieve my truth from the mess
Find some answers in this nothingness
Hope for HIM to forgive and bless

Sunday 11 December 2011


I am a tiny thistle
Blown around by the carefree breeze
On my path of happiness and bliss
So my dreams I can seize

Fate dictates the ungainly distance
I'm blown about from to right
Seeing my life through a misted crystal
In my constant search for light

But.the crystal i must clean myself
Because i now realize the breeze i control
In the seed of my soul the thought I dwell
Shower it with water of learning foe the plant to grow

The Dark or Light?

Wandering alone in the dark
I can feel the wet earth bellow me
Cut off from everything
It's just me and the moon
Even my own shadow shies away
As i search for the primrose path
Thorns prick my soles
And blood smears my way
Little underground monsters are thus hard on my trail
Sweat beads form on my forehead
As i try and escape their gaze
Looking for some meaning
But the black steals all sense and i am left just wondering
I haste on my search for light
Whimpering and walking
Shifting and stalking
I stumble on ahead.
Just when i got it
Me tripped on my toes
And the monsters are upon me
Feasting on my blood.Oh! there's no hope for escape now
As i'm slowly torn apart
My gaze on my goals not twenty miles apart
Smell of my own blood surrounds me
As I slowly drift away
guess the light light was never for me
Darkness was my only way

Rainy Day

The smell of the earth fills the air
The aroma delivering palatial ecstasy
Breeze so soft,sky so fair
Rain sounds outside rhythmically

Leaves do a skipping dance
With the breeze they seem to prance
Sparkling beeds run down the tree
Like little pearls rolling free

Montague seems to have painted the pallet
Soft hues lift the scene
The pretty pinks and pale greens do a ballet
The earth like this has never been

The breeze kisses my cheek
Birds chirp their gleeful songs
I close my eyes as i speak
"Wish the earth would stay this way forever-long."

Tuesday 6 December 2011

The Power Of celebrity

I'm am not the kind of person who goes gaga over celebrities(unless of of course it sharukh khan) so when today i waited 2 hours for them i was surprised at myself.Today i had a break from everything since it was a national holiday I decided to go to the mall since a new Steve madden store had opened.As i was browsing around an i store i noticed a horde gathered around the ceilings.I pushed myself i front to check out what was happening (i'm only human and curiosity kills).I noticed a sign saying two Bollywood stars were arriving .They weren't anybody i liked but still since the anchor said they'd be there in 5 minutes i waited.The 5 minutes stretched onto half an hour.Should i leave i thought come back later,just then she announced sorry just 5 more minutes so thought i might as well since i have been waiting so long.This way 2 hours dragged on as i complained to another impatient    bystander. I decided to leave then and just as i left the crowd i heard screaming.Yes they had arrived the inconsiderate idiots.i pushed back in but couldn't retrieve my spot in front.Asked a bystander to click photos and then left.This makes me wonder about the power of celebrity.They are like human magnets and even sadistic ones like me can't resist.anyways by the time i reached the store it was closed!!! even though i had gone to buy me some shoes i found myself hurled between thousands waiting for some people i don't care about.Quite a day..:\

Monday 5 December 2011

Old and forgetten.

Today i had gone out for a jog in my locality.As always music was blaring in my ears and i was only concentrated on not bursting a vein(running is not a strong point) when i saw an old man sitting alone on a bench near a corner.This would be nothing unusual(i know you're thinking that) if he hadn't been signalling toward me.I stopped shocked, did i know him?..i racked my brains.He asked me my name,where i worked ,how i liked it there,if i ran often,general stuff.This made me realise how lonely he must be just sitting alone there in a corner staring into nothingness that his life has become.I felt my heart rate decelerating my legs declaring they won't run again if i don't start now,but i stopped.i asked him where he lived ,if he had a wife or any children(wife passed have abandoned him).I asked why he didn't have a book or a mp3 player to pass time and he said "I was hoping for some company",and at that moment i was glad i betrayed my legs and my heart and stopped.There are many like him out there sitting alone in a corner.Take some time out and say HI.I did and I'm happy i did....:)
Till we meet next